TypeError: evaluate() got an unexpected keyword argument 'submission_metadata'

I want to make MSCOCO challenge in EvalAI.
I put “captions_val2014.json” data in “annotations” folder.
“caption_val2014.json” is data for evaluation.
And installed “pycocotools” & “pycocoevalcap” module.
The code below is “main.py” that is in “evaluation_script” folder.

from pycocotools.coco import COCO
from pycocoevalcap.eval import COCOEvalCap
import json

def evaluate(test_annotation_file, user_submission_file, phase_codename):
    output = {}

    with open(user_submission_file, "r") as user_js:
        preds = json.load(user_js)

    coco = COCO(test_annotation_file)
    valids = coco.getImgIds()

    cocoRes = coco.loadRes(user_submission_file)
    cocoEval = COCOEvalCap(coco, cocoRes)
    cocoEval.params['image_id'] = cocoRes.getImgIds()

    output['result'] = [
            'test_split': {


    print("Evaluating for Test Phase")
    for metric, score in cocoEval.eval.items():
        output['result'][0]['test_split'][metric] = float(score)
    output["submission_result"] = output["result"][0]["test_split"]
    print("Completed evaluation for Test Phase")

    return output

This is my submission page

and I got an Error in “Stderr file” category…

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/code/scripts/workers/submission_worker.py", line 480, in run_submission
TypeError: evaluate() got an unexpected keyword argument 'submission_metadata'

I don’t know how to solve this error…