Trouble with submission

The status has been “Submitted” for a day.

And I can not submit again, because “You have 1 submissions that are being processed. Please wait for them to finish and then try again.”

Hi Hao,
Thanks for letting us know! We have been in contacted with evalai team regarding the issue and they are looking into it. Your submission will be run when that’s fixed, we will keep you updated


Hi Hao,
The issue is fixed now, let us know if you still have any issue.


Hi Patsorn, thanks for your help. You guys are really hardworking.

Hi Patsorn, I met the same problem here.


I have the same issue now.

Hi @Balakrishnan_V, @Fang, Thanks for pointing out the issue. It is fixed now!

Hello, I have submitted to Val Unseen and seem to be having the same issue. Could you please let me know if I am doing something incorrectly, fix the issue again.

Hi @manaalrehman, Can you share your team name for Argoverse Motion Forecasting challenge? I don’t see any pending submissions with team name manaalrehman for this challenge.

I have the same issue

I am having the same issue now (Submission for DF-RNN)

Hi @1116 @DF-RNN , we have fixed the issue. Submissions are done evaluating.

I am having the same issue now (Submission for suu)

The file has been submitted for one day, while the status is still submitted.

Hi @shengjie55555 @fxxxxxxz,

Due to recent update of leaderboard metrics all submissions are being re-run. As there are past submissions pending to be evaluated the latest submissions to the challenge will be delayed for evaluation.

Dear organizers, I have the same issue (I think so). I can’t contribute. Can you solve it, please?

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I have the same issue and it has been 24 hrs

Hi @Polkach @Zx_Duan, we are working on fixing the issue. We will update you guys once the issue is resolved


Dear admin, I have a similar issue. The situation is that once I press the “submit” button, the page is stuck for a long while and the file is not uploaded.

Hi @MasterIzumi, could you share your team name?