Training dataset updated with timestamps

Dear participants of the MIT ARCLab Prize for AI Innovation in Space 2024,

We have uploaded an updated version of the current phase_1 dataset, with an additional column that includes the timestamps of each row. You can find it in the folder train_with_timestamps of the dataset dropbox link. Note that the output files do not change, i.e., the nodes still have to be timed with a TimeIndex, not with a real timestamp.

Please use this thread to ask any question about this.

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may i ask what the unit of said timeindex value is. seconds? minutes? hours? etc.

Hi @Armaan_Soni,

The time index indicates the row index of the astrometric data that corresponds to that particular pattern-of-life (PoL) node. For more detailed information about the data, you can refer to our conference paper available at this link: