The speed of turtlebot

I found that the speed of turtle bot in task 3 can be very fast and hard to avoid. May I decrease the speed of the turtle bot? what is the speed of turtle bot in real world?
Thank you,

Hi @shup,

Thank you for your question.

Currently the random speed of the turtlebot in sim is between 0m/s to 0.65m/s. We will do the same in the real world. You are right that occationally the turtlebot might outrun the locobot, but most of the time it won’t. We prefer not to modify the codebase or task parameter in the middle of the challenge to ensure faireness for all the participants. Therefore, we will stick with the original speed for evaluation. The “dynamic” scenario is a lot more challenging than the “static” scenario. So don’t worry too much if you see some performance drop. :slight_smile:


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