TDIC21 - YAML challenge configuration error

The uploading of the config file resulted in this error:

The YAML file in the challenge configuration contains the following error -

The file has been checked by YAML validators and passed without errors.

Thanks for any hint or help.


Hi @dee0001,

Are you still facing this issue? I saw you were able to successfully upload the challenge.

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Hi @ram81,

there is still a problem with solution file. For testing purposes we uploaded a smaller file, which works and does not give us the error with the ().

Iā€™d be grateful for any advice.

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@dee0001 when you say solution file do you mean a submission file to run evaluation? The challenge page is to submit a zip file with a challenge config in the format mentioned here. Can you share the file you are trying to upload?


Hi @ram81

I tried to follow the challenge config according to Challenge configuration ā€” EvalAI 1.1 documentation

The ZIP file also includes the annotation file, in our case


Ok, this has been solved. The file was too large. The configuration had to be set up with a dummy annotation file. Then, the large annotation file has been uploaded with EvalAI. Thanks.