Submit error today

in submit webpage, after click the submit button,webpage become gray, and nothing happend.I can’t submit my json.My total submission alwayse is 0.

emm, i forgot zip file, after zip submit ok

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oh, no, status failed, log is

Starting Evaluation…
Submission related metadata:
Unpacking dataset…
Unpacking user submission…
Evaluating for test phase

Loading NuScenes tables for version v1.0-private-test…
23 category,
8 attribute,
4 visibility,
11997 instance,
12 sensor,
1800 calibrated_sensor,
462901 ego_pose,
15 log,
150 scene,
6008 sample,
462901 sample_data,
201130 sample_annotation,
4 map,
Done loading in 9.9 seconds.

Reverse indexing …
Done reverse indexing in 2.9 seconds.

Initializing nuScenes evaluation
Loaded results from /tmp/tmpln0k664c/submission/results_nusc.json. Found detections for 6019 samples.
Loading annotations for test split from nuScenes version: v1.0-private-test
Loaded ground truth annotations for 6008 samples.

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@sumenpuyuan please check the stderr logs. It will show the error log when evaluating the submission

what is zip file? I only submit json file, also no evaluation.