Submission status in "RUNNING" for a day

Teamname: KE

Status in RUNNING
submission id: 228588

Status in Submitted:
submission id: 228659

@ram81 , @Rishabh_Jain , Could you please??

Hi, this is the organizer of the CO3D challenge. I saw your submission getting stuck yesterday, sorry for this.

However, I also saw that many of your previous submissions got evaluated correctly. Are there any big changes between your latest submission and the previous ones? Did you try to evaluate your submission on the dev set locally using the co3d toolkit?


Ok, it seems that your jobs on the manyview_dev set have now finished. The server should be operating normally now.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yes, of course, I checked my submission locally, and my local machine gives valid scores with a “hdf5”-file.

However, for sequence_set test, as you know we only got “hdf5” and didn’t have a chance to verify it, due to the absence of ground-truth.

I don’t know what makes such an error.

Ok, I think all your entries are now evaluated succesfully. Please let me know if any other issues arise.