Submission running over 80 mins


I submitted an image at approximately 1852hrs (GMT+1) and it has been running for 2 hours. I was under the impression that if the test went over 80 mins you would receive the results for the tests completed and he rest would be failures.

Maybe a bug? I can’t stop the test to get the error code.

Any help appreciated and if its possible to recover the score for his submission all the better!


Hi, I’ve checked your submission and there is a bug on our side indeed. I will manually update your results tomorrow and investigate the bug as well.

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Thanks alot, hopefully something easily fixable.

I’ve uploaded the score you obtained on your submission yesterday. Unfortunately this bug is really hard to fix and to be honest I spent all of last week fixing it, thought i did, but clearly didn’t…
I’ll let you know as soon as I find a fix.

Some update: I’ve fixed the bug and sent an updated version of the scripts to EvalAI, it should be uploaded in the coming days. I will let you know once it’s live.

EDIT: this is now fixed and you can submit images that will run to the time limit

This should be fixed now.

Thanks! I shall try again

Hello. I am having a similar problem in the fastMRI challenge.

Could you please help me out?

Hi, this was a competition specific issue (ie: not related to evalai), therefore we cannot help with the fastMRI challenge and I would recommend posting an issue on their forum instead.