Submission not processed

I submitted the result on July 2nd. It is still not processed. I have not received the error message (if there was any error).
I cannot submit another version until that is processed. Please help to fix this issue. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Aayush_Chaudhary, How did you submit the file? Did you upload it or submitted a downloadable file URL?

A downloadable URL. I verified by downloading with wget in my end.

Can you please submit the URL again. There was an issue at our end and it is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem. Submitted again. I hope there is no issue this time. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Aayush_Chaudhary, Can you please email me ( the URL which you are submitting. There is still something which is failing. Just so you know I’m the lead-developer of EvalAI and manage the platform.