Pretrained models

After looking through the rules I noticed that
" Entrants may use any additional dataset other than the provided Data Set to train the Model."
Does it mean that models pretrained on Imagenet or Cityscapes are allowed?

Yes. You could use the pretrained model as a warm start

Dataset from OpenEDS 2019 is not eligible for use according to rules of that challenge, so, I assume, any model pretrained on that dataset is off-limits as well, right?
Same goes for any dataset that contains eye segmentation masks, since it defeats the purpose of finding ways of dealing with scarce labels, correct?

We welcome using other datasets (not eye) to treat as a warm start of training the model. However, it is not allowed to use other eye dataset as the pre-trained model, since we focus on the study of sparse information in sequence data for eye segmentation.

In order to check the validity of the pre-trained models not using eye-dataset for the winners - we would ask for the full code pipeline from scratch training or using the off-the-shelf models.