Observations are grayscale?


Using the provided trainDopamine.py file I notice that the observations provided to the agent by the environment are a grayscale 82x82 image (0-255 values). Since the food and walls have various colors, is there some configuration option to cause this to run with color observations?


You can control this by setting retro=False and greyscale=False when creating the gym environment using AnimalAIEnv, you will then get the color observations.
This is also the default setup during evaluation.


It seems that default is not greyscale: https://github.com/beyretb/AnimalAI-Olympics/blob/master/animalai/animalai/envs/gym/environment.py#L35. @beyretb


Correct, greyscale defaults to False but retro defaults to True which overrides greyscale to True: https://github.com/beyretb/AnimalAI-Olympics/blob/620685cdb263fce5ba4b97d18d8b637ce01a66a0/animalai/animalai/envs/gym/environment.py#L66