ObjectNet Challenge FAQ

The following FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Q: I am receiving a “read timeout” error when using evalai push command to push my image to the challenge.
    A: You may receive this error when pushing a large docker image to the challenge for the first time. Simply re-try the push command and the image should successfully be pushed to the challenge server.

  • Q: I receive a network error when my docker image is running on the challenge servers.
    A: For security reasons submissions are prevented from accessing the network (ie: internet) whilst running on the challenge platform. This error often occurs when you are using a pre-trained model and the code attempts to automatically download the model from the web. Please ensure your submission can successfully complete without requiring access to the network. For a list of restrictions, refer to the Submission Guidelines

  • Q: Some of the information for my submission on the My Submissions page is not viewable.
    A: The My Submissions table has a horizontal scrollbar that may not be viewable on all browsers. To view all the information about your submission, select your submission in the table and then use the arrow keys to scroll right.