Number of submissions allowed


My dashboard shows following number of submissions allowed:
Today: 3
This month: 15
Total: 354

Somewhere the maths doesn’t add up. Am i missing something?
If we can make only one submission a day, and as there are only 75 days left what’s the meaning of 354 submissions allowed? Plz help.


At the moment you are allowed 3 submissions a day.
The other numbers are for the overall competition but you can ignore them. I’ve also amended the number of submissions per month which was not updated before.

Hi Beyret,

As I understand, I can make 3 submissions a day, but 30 submissions a month. That means If I make 3 submissions a day for first 10 days then I won’t be allowed any submissions for next 20 days, is that so?


No, you can make 3 submissions a day no matter what.

The other numbers are irrelevant (the number 30 should be 93, i ll check with the website admin why it says 30)

Hi Beyret, I was trying to make second submission of the day and it says your monthly quota is exhausted and now you cannot make any submissions for 11 days. Please look into it.

can you try again now? let me know if it works

EDIT: i m contacting the EvalAI admin to check why this is happening, i will get back to you ASAP

I was trying to submit today too but got rejected. @Nishant_Singh Where do you see those numbers on the dashboard? I can’t find them.

@beyretb Is the rule 3 submissions in 24 hours or 3 submissions in a calendar day (what timezone)? Is there some way to see the number remaining?
Thanks for the help

Numbers are there at the bottom when you click on submit tab.

@Nishant_Singh Ah, I see it now. I wasn’t scrolling down. Thanks for the tip.

@beyretb That page says when the next submission can be made, so it answers my question.

Hi, you should be able to make 3 submissions a day and this should be the limiting factor (not submission per month). Now, there clearly is an issue with these and we’re trying to sort it our with the EvalAI admin. I hope this will be sorted tomorrow!

Not an issue here. I sent in 3 late last night and it correctly says the next submission can be made in about 6 hours. I was thinking calendar day and looks like it is 24 hours, so no problem. But I have not sent in enough submissions to hit the monthly limit bug that Nishant encountered.

@Nishant_Singh the issue should be fixed now, please try submitting again