Need log files to determine error


I submitted a docker image that passed the test but failed with an error that I am unable to interpret:

An error occurred while evaluating the agent:

Can I get the console output or output log files to interpret the error? It was evalai submission 30508.



I sent you the logs on the email address you registered on EvalAI in order to preserve the privacy of your code.
Hope it will help!


Could you send me the logs of submission 33617?


@kmatsumoto I sent you all the logs via email. Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi, I would like yo to send the log of submission 37395 as well.
Thank you!


Could you send me the logs of submission 39972 ?


@Bonum the log is just the Unity error message saying that the environment couldn’t be reached, I checked your submission and you left the http environment variables set to your proxy address. It should work once removed.


Thank you very much!