ModaNet challenge introduction

If you would like to access to the annotations, please git clone the repo:

If you are looking for images, please check the paperdoll repo:

Using the command below would help you to get the image_url_list

db = sqlite3.connect('file:./paperdoll/data/chictopia/chictopia.sqlite3?mode=ro', uri=True)
photos = pd.read_sql("""
'[](' || path AS url
FROM photos
WHERE photos.post_id IS NOT NULL AND file_file_size IS NOT NULL
""", con=db)

where N from images{N}.[]( can be one of {0, 1, 2, 3}.

For baseline performance, please check our initial technical paper:

Feel free to raise any questions here.


I was able to get the annotations. But I’m unable to get the image URLs. When I try to access I get an Access denied error.

I’d appreciate pointers on how to get access to the images.

Thanks in advance!

Please refer to the link [] pointed in


I am able to get the image url list, but how to match the ‘image_id’ in the annotations?

I think you should be able to get the full image dataset with the image_id.


Is the evaluation server still working? I submitted my result yesterday but nothing happened and I couldn’t find the result

Hi @numb, The evaluation is working now. Feel free to submit more submissions.