MIT ARCLab warmup data appears to be incomplete

The MIT ARCLab warmup data is a set of ephemeris points in CSV format. However, key information is not supplied with the data:

  1. Time tags. The ephemeris points have no indication of how much time has elapsed between samples.

  2. The Keplerian and Cartesian elements are in some sort of inertial frame. But which frame? ICRF, J2000, True of Date, TEME of Date?

  3. The lat, lon, alt data is in some datum. But which one? WGS-84, or something else?

  4. The training labels have no description with them. For the direction , EW is likely (East-West), NS is likely North-South. No clue what the Node and Type are referring to. Please provide a description of these fields.


Never mind, it looks like this is all documented in the paper at

Nope, spoke too soon. There’s no explanation of the time tags. Without real time tags, we can’t tell where the sun is. Which is a critical operations issue when planning EW stationkeeping maneuvers.