Missing Time Tags

The warm up data set doesn’t contain real time tags (e.g. 2023-01-01T00:00:00). This is necessary in order to understand where the Sun is relative to the spacecraft (a key component of real world GEO EW stationkeeping strategy). Is it possible to get the time tags? This is something we would normally have in a real world data set.


Hi tj_astro,

We are not planning to release the time tags, but the first row of the data will always start from 0:00:00 UTC with a 2-hour increment for each subsequent row.

Thanks for the rapid follow up. FWIW, a common GEO EW stationkeeping strategy is to use control the eccentricity vector relative to the spacecraft-sun line. This then drives the decision about what true anomaly to perform the EW maneuver at. Not having the time tag/sun vector information seems like you are omitting a key input variable.

I’m going to pass on the competition at this point, but I will continue to follow it and wish all the teams the best!

Hi @tj_astro ,

Please see Training dataset updated with timestamps

We have added timestamps to the dataset.

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