How do I zip the files?

I keep getting an error that my files cannot be unzipped.
To be precise, the message is “Submission file cannot be unzipped”.
The guidelines simply say that I should zip my files. There is no mention of exactly how I should zip them.
Is there any exact method of zipping my files?
Or is this due to some other error and I am getting an incorrect error message?

Hi, the url that you’re giving in the submission file doesn’t download a zip file, instead it downloads the content of an html page.
To check it please use this command - wget <url_from_the_file>
I think this is causing the issue.

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Thank you for your help!
I managed to fix the issue!

Hi @veritas9872 and @rishabh,

I am having the submission failure without any specific error message. I am using Google Drive to share my submission file. Any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks!

I found the error message now: It is “Submission file cannot be unzipped”. @veritas9872, could you please let me know how did you prepare your zip file? I zip the folder in linux using zip -r in_folder; and upload to my google drive account; and copy the shareable link from google drive.


Hi @cmFastMRI,

Please see this comment: How do I zip the files?. I think it’ll solve the problem.

Feel free to ping us in case you face the issue again.

Thanks for answering my question, @rishabh. I have tested wget on my computer and the file is downloaded but when I submit the error remain.

Here is the command that I tried and I am able to download the file to my computer:
wget --no-check-certificate -r ‘’ -O FILENAME

So I prepared the recon_zip_url as:
“recon_zip_url”: “–no-check-certificate -r ‘’ -O FILENAME”

However, the error remains.

It would be great if there is a detailed tutorial on how to prepare the URL of the zip file uploaded to Google Drive.

I also try using dropbox but the problem remains:

I manage to use Dropbox and it works now.

Thanks for the update @cmFastMRI.
Please feel free to ping us in case you’re facing some issues.

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Hi, I also get “Submission file cannot be unzipped”. I tried wget and it downloads the zip file. Is there anything else that could cause the issue?
I’m using dropbox and the link is

@amr: It took me quite a while to figure it out that adding “?dl=1” to the URL works for me as seen in the example below

Please try to see if it works for you.

I tried adding “?dl=1” and it works! Thank you so much. This is really helpful!!

Awesome! Feel free to ping us incase you face further errors.

Hello. Sorry for the super-late reply.
I think that using ordinary consumer cloud services is not a great idea.
I had problems initially because Google Drive does not allow direct link downloads of files larger than 100MB.
The solution that I found is to use GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
You can get a free account for 1 year if it is your first time, with $300 of free credit.
Amazon Web Services is more popular but there is no free option.
If you have already used GCP and your free trial is over, just make a new Google ID.

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Thanks for the answer, @veritas9872. Good to know that GCP works.