FYI on OpenEDS Gaze Prediction Challenge 2021

This is the FYI for the Facebook OpenEDS Gaze Prediction Challenge 2021

As of June 1st, the submission_sample.json file provided along with the dataset contains sequence IDs that are not part of the test_public.json file. To avoid any confusion, we have updated the submission_sample.json such that it contains the exact sequence IDs that need to be predicted. From June 2nd please download the updated file from the Dropbox folder.

When submitting their results, participants are requested to send their predictions using the submission_sample.json format. Please, do not submit your results following the format of test_public.json file, as it is not accepted as a valid format by the evaluation procedure and will cause the submission to fail or get stuck at “Running”.

Update - June 8th:

We have fixed an error in the evaluation process. Participants can now submit their predictions. Please let us know if you face any issues!