FYI on Eye Generation Challenge


This task requires to generate a realistic eye-image, I, from a given semantic segmentation mask, M, of the same person, P. We have provided three JSON files in the shared data folder to map the eye-images to different subjects in the Train, Val and Test datasets. Please use the provided “image/mask to identity” map and generate realistic eye-images for a given segmentation mask of the same subject. For this task, you can use all the training image/mask and try to achieve the best performance on the given test set of semantic segmentation masks. The metric used for measuring the performance is L2 distance from the original eye-image.
For example- The file “OpenEDS_test_userID_mapping_to_images.json” contains user-id as the key and all the files (images/masks) from the segmentation dataset (in the key: “semantic_segmenation_images” from the folder Semantic_Segmentation_Dataset) and generative dataset (in the key: “generative_images” from Generative_Dataset) associated with the user-id .
In order to find the <UID> for a given test sample 000000336338.npy find the user-id by only using the name 000000336338 (without the extension) in the given OpenEDS_test_userID_mapping_to_images.json and that will also retrieve the list of images and masks for the same ID in test subest of Semantic_Segmentation_Dataset and Generative_Dataset, which you can use to generate realistic eye-image.




The test json file provides the file names of the segmentation masks and eye images. However, I couldn’t find any corresponding file in all the folders.

Then I tried to search eye images using the the list in json[‘semantic_segmenation_images’], and search masks using the list in json[‘generative_images’] and all the files are found.

Can anyone check whether there is something wrong with the provided json?



Thanks for the question. We have updated the FYI, take a look and let us know if you still cannot find the required information.



Sorry for my late reply. I did exactly what you described and everything is OK for training and validation set.

However, I could not find any corresponding file for TEST SET. Then I tried to search eye IMAGES using the the list of json[‘semantic_segmenation_images’], and search MASKS using the list of json[‘generative_images’] and all the files now are found.

Can you have a further check on it? Thanks!