Fixing stuck submission

Hi, @David_Novotny ,

My submission seems to get stuck in “RUNNING” status.

In this case, I cannot cancel by myself.

I’m sorry for your inconvenience and hope nobody has delayed his or her submissions.

Thank you in advance

I missed this. submission ID: 230179

Ok, I have restarted the submission evaluation. It should finish soon.

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Ok, the submission has been evaluated now.

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@David_Novotny ,

My submission is in the status “running” for a bit long time.
I checked my console log produced by co3d submission package, and check the average size of the HDF5 files I made.
But, I really don’t know what makes such an error in this case.
Would you check the evaluation server?
ID: 230324

Hi, yes checked and restarted, your submissions should finish soon, sorry for inconvenience.

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Hi, @David_Novotny my submission to TextVQA 2021 Challenge keeps “Submitted” status for a long time. Please help to fix it. Thanks!

Hi, @David_Novotny @ram81 my submission to Seizure Forecasting Challenge keeps “Submitted” status for a long time. The submission IDs are 248352 and 248282, and the team name is CompWell-Rice. Could you help fix it? Thanks!