Fail to submit SVM-Lowshot file

I submitted a zip file containing 40 low-shot prediction results. The filenames were correct. However, I got the error as following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/code/scripts/workers/”, line 407, in run_submission,
File “/tmp/tmp6649dzh5/compute/challenge_data/challenge_405/”, line 550, in evaluate
final_mean_ap_low_shot = test_svm_low_shot(target_dir, targets)
File “/tmp/tmp6649dzh5/compute/challenge_data/challenge_405/”, line 384, in test_svm_low_shot
predictions, _, _ = load_json(out_k_sample_file, ground_truth=False)
File “/tmp/tmp6649dzh5/compute/challenge_data/challenge_405/”, line 325, in load_json
assert os.path.exists(file_path), “{} does not exist”.format(file_path)
AssertionError: /tmp/cdd83e989aad44c5a963cb67bdf840df/test_sample1_k1_json_preds.json does not exist

It is probably due to that the script renames the zip file (e.g.: as However, after unzip, the folder name is still low_shot_voc07_full/. Please solve it as soon as possible.

It’s solved by zipping inside the folder.

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glad to hear! :slight_smile: