Evalai login error

Hi, I’m a host code upload based challenge.
Last year, we held an evaluation competition and operated it.
The problem occurs when you are currently logging in.
We proceeded according to the “Development Setup” procedure of "GitHub - Cloud-CV/evalai-cli: ☁ Official EvalAI Command Line Tool ", and there was a problem with number 6.
When I log in with the user account, an error occurs.
error msg is “Could not establish a connection to EvalAI. Please check the Host URL.” When tested according to the evalai-cli-master code, login.Run “token = get_user_auth_token_by_login(username, password)” in py.
Then auth.The “get_user_auth_token_by_login” function runs in py, where it seems that it cannot get a response from “response=requests.post (url, data=payload)”.
I want to know the cause and solution of the problem.
Thank you.