Cannot get the submission results!

After submitting the results to nuScenes tracking challenge, the status remains “Submitted” without any other evaluation information.


Same issue, VQA Challenge 2021

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Same issue in argoverse motion forecasting

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Same issue, Status : submitted

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Same issue, VQA Challenge 2021

Same issue again, VQA2021
Team: TT NLP

If the format is correct, the server will output the evaluation results eventually, and the process may be long.

Same issue, Continual Learning Challenge 2021.

Hi @GitRooky, we have fixed the issue with nuscenes tracking challenge evaluation worker. All pending submissions are done evaluating now.

Hi @wwd29, for Continual Learning Challenge 2021 we are working with challenge hosts to fix the issue. We will let you know once we have some updates

Hi! It happens again. My submission does not work.

Same issue to Argoverse Stereo Competition.

Is there anyway to cancel the submission?

@ram81 Same issue, TextVQA Challenge 2021.

Hi @waizei,

The issue is resolved, your submissions are done evaluating now

@ram81 Same issue VQA challenge

Hi! It happens again. I can’t get any result.

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The same issue happens to nuScenes Object Detection challenge. The status remains “submitted” for hours. Could you please help? @ram81 Thanks!

Same issue, nuScenes prediction Challenge

Hi @choishai94, I don’t see any pending submissions on the Nuscenes prediction challenge. Can you share your team name?

same issue for EvalAI . Can someone help?