[Argoverse 2: 3D Object Detection] Submission ID 232546 in Submitted for a long time

My submission in Argoverse 2: 3D Object Detection challenge stucked in “Submitted” status for a long time. Would you mind check what is happening?

@David_Novotny, Hi, It is still stucked in ‘Submitted’. Would you check what’s happening?
Thank you in advance.

We are not organizers of this challenge, please make sure to contact the actual team that runs the challenge.

Thanks, sorry for that. Should I @ram81 ?

@cal_lr we are the Meta AI team organizing CO3D Challenge, we are neither organizers of the Argoverse Challenge, nor members of the Eval.AI team. Please either ask the organizers of the Argoverse Challenge or Eval.AI team, not us.