Announcements: Deadline extension, prize, evaluation protocol

Dear participants,

Thank you for submitting your agents to Gibson Sim2Real challenge. It’s great to be working with you and the results are pretty exciting so far.

Deadline Extension
To accommodate increasing interests in our challenge and to allocate enough time for people to fine-tune the policies in dev set (Castro), we decided to extend the deadline for the Sim Phase by 2 weeks and the Real Phase by 1 week.

The new submission deadline for the Sim Phase is May 31, and June 8 for the Real Phase.

We are happy to announce that the winner of the Gibson Challenge (real-world phase) will receive an Nvidia GPU (recent model, TBD). Submit your policy and the may the GeForce be with you :smiley:

Evaluation Protocol and Frequency
While minival results are evaluated automatically as you submit, we will be evaluating “Challenge in Sim” phase results at a daily cadence. The machine we use has 8 CPUs, 32GB memory and a GPU with 12 GB memory. The time limit is 90s per episode on average, which corresponds to 25 GPU hours per 1k evaluation episodes. This number is important to meet the 10 Hz control frequency in our real-world experiment.

We will be doing our real-world evaluation as planned. However, we might experience slightly reduced staffing on the evaluation site due to current situation, thus we will consider reducing the number of episodes for evaluation or reduced time slots available for evaluation. This will be depending on how many submissions we receive and we will keep you posted.

(check out our locobot :robot: happily running around doing automatic real-world evaluation)

Important notice: please don’t change file in the docker, it will be modified at evaluation time, if you add arbitrary arguments to the functions in, it will result in unexpected behavior. Please make sure your file in docker is up-to-date with our github. Our base dockers have also been updated.

Good luck and have lots of fun,
Gibson Sim2real Challenge Organizers